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I submitted a video (in german) as part of the Speedcasting 2019 (an event that give .. and actors the possibilizy to meet face to face), which is organizied by ca:stmag and Castforward. Everyone got the same text and it was up the imagination of the actor what he wanted to do with it.

That has been my suggestion:

Tanks to Crew-united, Schauspielervideos and the ZAV, for bringing to life the SMS Self Made Shorty Festival! Thanks to giving us actors the opportunity to film our own reel and letting our creativity run free.

This years theme was "Chance: Happy End" and I noticed then, how much chance heroes had in movies and how they survived the worst situations!

I'm really proud to present to you my Shorty: "Das Glück das zum Happy End führt" (How chance brings you a Happy End).